Two books, in two days

I have posted on previous post how do I feel recently –about how I’ve been at my top-bored-point for the last few days. I told ya that I’ve been desperately bored till I have no any longer intention to working on it at all. But since I am an active person –means that I have to do something to keep me alive– I have to working on something else.

At the end of that post, I gave a hint what would I do. Yes, reading some books.

I remembered, “When is the last time I finished books I have bought?” question and it was haunting me. I’m not sure, but somehow it’s been a long time for me to finishing a book in less than a week. One of book I have finished in two days was a novel Pulang (Going Home) by popular Indonesian writer, Tere Liye. But the most noticed book came to my mind was Inferno by Dan Brown. I love that cut-and-move chapter trait of Dan Brown.

Then I decided to bought a novel to cool down my head. And apparently it worked!

I read a book entitled Bumi (Earth) by Tere Liye because, honestly, I love his fantastical writing of Negeri Para Bedebah (State of a B**ch) and I thought he has a gene of Dan Brown.

I felt lost that time. I felt focused, sinked to his figurative world, relaxed. I enjoyed that book as much as I was a child– when my Mom told me a story about a deer escaping from a king of jungle. When I looked at the time, I’ve been deeply in “me time” for five hours straight. I finished that 400 pages book in a 14 hours.

But hold on, I haven’t satisfied.

So I took a second book, a wrapped one, from my working table –guess how long it’s been there– before I took a bus heading home. I’m started to read again in a deeper focus. This time, I finished in 4 hours. A magical. I think I’m also breaking my personal records to read two books in 2 days consecutively.

. . .

A lovely book titled The Shallows by Nicholas Carr explained it concisely that we have lost our reading ability. We are all is losing our long-reading ability unconsciously. The news nowadays are too focusing on volume. Sometimes it’s trapped on hoaxes. And unfortunately, it’s also shaping our mind.

It really a mind-blowing writing I wouldn’t spoil it thoroughly. You should read it yourself.

I don’t know, but if you like a book so much (or used to love book), maybe we should took the old time again. A time before internet striking us.

And I think I should spending more time on reading. Again.



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