“There are two types of person”…

… as one of my best mate said, while she was typing at her phone and squinting at me. “There are people who’s trying to make as much friends as they can, while others are not”. I listened lazily and keep staring at my phone to gain a perfect score in Angry Bird game.

“But don’t get me wrong. Those with a little friends are usually have a deepest connection, and value their friends so much”

Now she got my attention. I must admit that I admire her despite we had a lot of debates at the same time.

And then she talked a lot about her friend whom she hate so much, but eventually she changed her mind. She told me that, one time, he’s telling her about his life’s story. How he started his college journey. His family and his life values.

“You know, I’m not keen into collage so much. At least as yours. I’m not capable of it.”, call him P, she told me. “I’m not smart. I know it. But I think it’s my pleasure to help my friends happy.”

There are lot of activities happened in the campus. A public lecture, soft skill’s things, student’s advocacy, etc. “You know what, he’s a mastermind behind all of those”, she told me. I closed my Angry Birds. I know him.

He is a unspoken leader. I know him so much as I was his group during orientation day 3 years ago. He solved conflict that day. When all of us remain silent.

As I worked with him in serving for student’s organization, he gave me valuable feedback. He’s not “yes man”. We debated a lot, and he know I’m a rebel. He’s always pouring new insight into my rebellion mind.

“Now I understand why I dislike him. My mind’s too narrow to understand people not like me. A people who fight for A mark above all. He helped me achieved it.” she continued.

Yes, and so do I. I was a academic guy. I dislike bureaucracy. But somehow he’s successfully invited me to join him create a revolutionary move. To challenge status quo and fix everything’s wrong. “A student like you must try to get into it. Not only watch problems from outside, but also get your hands dirty“. It melts me.

He doesn’t have many friends. But everyone who know him, understand that he is always trying to make deepest connection. He always listen. Well, I guess, he’s one of nicest person you’ll ever met.

So guys, if you’re reading this and still in collage, please learn one thing. Try to think different.

Try to understand people who different from you. Your friends are diverse, try to understand them and not judge before ask.

Try to do something different. Try to fix things before get grumpy. Try to make a lot of friends. And if you’re not having so many friends, it’s O.K. Make deep connection between them.

You are what your circle is. Make your circle good, no matter big or small it is.

And also think positively to people we don’t know.


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