Two books, in two days

I have posted on previous post how do I feel recently –about how I’ve been at my top-bored-point for the last few days. I told ya that I’ve been desperately bored till I have no any longer intention to working on it at all. But since I am an active person –means that I have to do something to keep me alive– I have to working on something else.

At the end of that post, I gave a hint what would I do. Yes, reading some books.

I remembered, “When is the last time I finished books I have bought?” question and it was haunting me. I’m not sure, but somehow it’s been a long time for me to finishing a book in less than a week. One of book I have finished in two days was a novel Pulang (Going Home) by popular Indonesian writer, Tere Liye. But the most noticed book came to my mind was Inferno by Dan Brown. I love that cut-and-move chapter trait of Dan Brown.

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